New Facebook Technologies: New Ray-Ban Facebook Sunglasses

New Facebook Technologies: New Ray-Ban Facebook Sunglasses

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For years, Facebook has remained to be one of the world’s leading social media platforms. Worth $731 billion, the company has released many innovative technologies, continuing to grow the site’s legacy. This past week, Facebook announced one of its most innovative yet – Smart Glasses 

Ray-Ban Stories

Titled Ray-Ban Stories, Facebook joined forces with Ray-Ban to create a pair of shades that allow you to share video clips and images, literally from your point of view to your family and friends. With Facebook’s innovative technology, the Ray-Ban Stories allows you to instantly share great moments with all the extended, acquired Facebook companies, such as Instagram,Snapchat, WhatsApp and more. With posting and sharing quick snap videos and photos from your perspective, the glasses also feature contextually aware AI to add navigation to the world they see around them.

Facebook Resources

Facebook has continued to grow into not just a social media site to stay connected to your loved ones but also an innovative company that has brought smart tools to optimize workspaces, marketing resources, and technology.

Once becoming a tech superpower, Facebook began implementing resources to expand the possibilities for sharing in the online world. Starting with Messenger, Facebook gave users a way to connect with friends personally and in groups, whether for leisure or work. By 2016, the site launched Marketplace and Workplace to open users to instantly share products and used items they wish to sell, tracking analytics and traffic their products and posts received.

Instant Sharing

Instant sharing was, and today more than ever continues to be a staple for Facebook. On top of the company’s Ray-Ban Stories, Facebook released a new line for Portal Smart-Display this past week. With video chatting being the easiest way to share immediate moments with friends or work, Facebook launched Portal Go – a portable video conferencing tablet.

Instant communication is so valuable today, and Facebook continues to build smart products and resources to benefit. For example, the profound Portal Smart-Display line of tablets and smart glasses, Ray-Ban Stories, Facebook has created the perfect way to take instant sharing and the fun resources of Facebook on the go with you.

Facebook continues to further their technological influence on our lives every day. With their newly launched Ray-Ban Story Glasses and Portal Go, accompanied with their on-site resources such as messenger, insights, marketplace, Facebook live and more, your world can become increasingly immersed with your friends and family across the globe.