Video Marketing Should Be A Priority

Video Marketing Should Be A Priority

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As we progress through the timeline of social media from when Facebook became a hit in 2009, companies used social media advertising as a tool to put out copy and add an image. It was simply writing a catchphrase with a call to action and posting a picture. Video has since become more popular, especially with everyone owning a smartphone and having the ability to access LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

    A study from Quick frame concluded that 80% of marketers are using video for non-paying advertising in 2020. This shows to what extent video advertising has become a necessity for many businesses to advertise their product or service. Now let’s look at this year, a survey shows that 85% of marketers indicate that they want to keep using video or even increase their video marketing usage. This shows a trend that this type of marketing is going to continue to grow.

    There are quite a few pros with this type of marketing that you should be aware of. Let’s start with how it grabs your attention. While scrolling through Facebook or LinkedIn, seeing a video with movement and sound can easily get your audience to stop their scroll and see what the video is about.

   Also, by including a video as a piece of our content you’re more likely to get a social share. You’re also more likely to get higher conversion rates if you structure your video to the right demographic because of how visual appealing a video can be. Now, let’s discuss the most popular video marketing types you should keep an eye on.
1.     Instructional videos allow you to answer questions your clients may have. This type of video should be used if you already know who you want to target and you can anticipate which questions, they may have.

2.     This next video type you should keep in mind for the future are 360 degree videos. They are not yet widely used, but if you have the right type of product this could be a valuable choice. This type of video is something you should be aware of if your product needs to be shown at a 360 angle. 

3.     Product videos are a perfect choice if you want to advertise a new model of a product and show how it works. This will also be effective if you’re working at a startup company and want to reveal the products you offer. Demo videos are also something you can think about while advertising your product.

4.     Webinars are one of the most important types of content you should consider because it will enable you to explain your services and provide information. For example: with a Q and A, you could have two employees discussing the services you offer and how these services can help various companies. Also, using live video is highly effective because you talk directly to your audience and it brings you closer to them because you can answer their questions in real time.

With the number of possibilities, using video content as a demo for your products to making webinars, every company should use this type of content as a priority. Using a post that contains copy and image is still a great choice for providing content on your social media pages, but I have a feeling that in the future we will see more and more video content.