Twenty West Wins Best Of Quebec Digital Marketing 2022

Twenty West Wins Best Of Quebec Digital Marketing 2022

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Adding to their ever-growing list of accomplishments, Twenty West has won Upcity’s Best of Quebec Digital Marketing 2022 award!  When such an award is bestowed, it’s only natural for the recipient to reflect. Not only where the team started, but to also envision what the future holds.

Twenty West was founded with the mission of providing businesses with the clearest path to online marketing.  This could not be done without the help of each inpidual on their team. From web design to marketing, Twenty West has you, and your digital marketing needs covered.


Unique Websites Made For Unique People

The internet is home to over 2 billion websites!  Many of which, are businesses or inpiduals trying to make their mark.  This task can seem overwhelming and nearly impossible.  However, Twenty West listens to each request attentively.  By working with each client, they get to know them on a level that will be clear from how they create the website.


Website Analysis

While they are the experts in creating a website from scratch, Twenty West understands that in many cases, the client may have an existing website.  Understandably, time and effort were put into the initial website. At Twenty West, previous websites are not frowned upon! We respect the work that was put into them and would never make anyone feel bad about the state of their site!

Whether this website needs a complete do-over, or perhaps simply needs a few updates, the team will first do a website analysis.  They will be able to pinpoint what is working, what may not be as effective, and what can be improved. We take it one step at a time to ensure each party is comfortable with the project.


Create A Plan From The Results

Perhaps a website is missing a helpful chatbot, or its pages are missing keywords (or there’s no blog at all!).  From SEO and graphic design to social media branding- no stone goes unturned.

Many times, business owners wish that their brand can get more organic website traffic.  Website content can help achieve this!  Having a content portion (such as videos, articles, etc.) is a great way to do this.  Twenty West has staff specifically for these purposes.


A Team of Professionals for Every Need

Not everyone can devote time to creating website content on top of running a business. However, a proven way to create website traffic is to add video and/or written content!  This may include a blog portion or using keywords throughout the site’s pages.  Therefore what can a busy website owner do for content?  Contact Twenty West!

Regardless of the medium, Twenty West takes care of your content needs for you.  They understand that running a business is time-consuming enough.  Who has the time to create extra content on top of it?  With two content writers, a content translator, a photographer, and a videographer on staff, all possible content needs are met in one place.

Perhaps the website owner has been curious about running ads. Or, perhaps they’ve wanted to begin email marketing.  Twenty West will go over all of the options and offer their professional recommendations.


Twenty West Is Here For YOU

In some cases, the client may want to do a soft launch of their new site.  This way, if something doesn’t go as planned, further improvements can be made. Most importantly, it will be done before the official launch.  All of this to say, no matter the situation, the Twenty West team is here every step of the way.

If you’d like to know more information about how to take advantage of all that Twenty West has to offer, contact us today!  You can do so directly from our official website, or by calling us at (888) 316-6549.

Once again, thank you again for awarding us the Best of Quebec Digital Marketing!  It is truly an honor and one that would not be possible without YOU.  We are beyond grateful for our clients who push us to do our absolute best each and every day.

Here’s to continued success for us all,

The Twenty West Team