The Rule Book of Social Media Ads

The Rule Book of Social Media Ads

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Social media platforms have two ways to promote your brand: social media ads or organic. Social media ads can be quite expensive, especially on LinkedIn, where it costs the most to run ads. This is because on this platform people have one goal in mind and it’s to interact with various businesses. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter cost a lot less than LinkedIn. We’ll go over each social media platform and a few tips that you should keep in mind. It would help if you remember that PPC (pay per click) is the best way to spend less on your ads.

On LinkedIn, you must focus on PPC ads because they cost less than CPM (cost per mille), as I mentioned above. Since LinkedIn costs more than any other social media platform, it’s critical to remember this so you won’t go through your budget in a short period of time. I strongly suggest seeing how low you can make your cost per click with the setting you have before putting your ad live. This will save you a lot of money on your company’s budget and still deliver the ads you want to provide. I would focus on demos that your potential audience can use, including unique benefits and free trials. With these options you’ll get your audience clicking on your ads towards the statistics you always wanted. Let’s go in the other direction of the spectrum and talk about a B2C social media platform: Twitter.

With Twitter, even though you can have up to 280 characters, you need to make your ad copy as short as possible to get your audience to stop their scroll. If it works for your business, use emojis. They will also help to catch the attention of your audience. Also, you can use eye-catching images with statistics which would lead to more engagement. Make sure your audience has a clear call to action to know precisely what to do when seeing your ad. Another tip I would consider is to look at the organic performance of your tweets and see what works and what doesn’t. This would help you recognize what type of content you should base your ads around. The last tip you should consider doing is A/B testing to see which type of ads perform the best.

The last social media platform I’ll mention is Instagram. Instagram, as we know, is the pillar of using eye-catching visuals to get noticed on the platform. With Instagram, you can apply many of the same tips as Twitter and Facebook to get seen. For example, A/ B testing and using eye-catching images to get more engagement, etc. What differs from other social media platforms is the ability to promote your product or service on a reel function and create ads for your apps. If you’re a creator of an app, Instagram should be the platform you focus on because, with this ad type, you’ll achieve a significant increase in downloads

Using social media ads does cost quite a bit, especially on LinkedIn, if you want them to be run for a while. However, we must remember that with ads you can reach hundreds and even thousands of people compared to organic posts to reach the conversions you’re looking for.