The Importance of SEO

The Importance of SEO

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Whether your business is in its early days, or you’re a seasoned proprietor, having an online presence is an important aspect of running any form of business in 2022.  As we near 2023, do we believe that SEO will continue to be vital?  Absolutely;  SEO strategies are constantly evolving!  With this being said, let’s discuss the importance of SEO and why it is an integral part of every website.

What is “SEO”?

Before we dive into the importance of SEO let’s go over the basics.  “SEO” stands for “search engine optimization”.  You may be thinking, “Okay, that’s good to know, but I still don’t know what that means.  What is search engine optimization?”  Rather than begin to spew out several technical terms among the likes of organic search results, SERP, and Domain Authority, what is the “need to know” information about SEO?

Well, consider what the overall purpose of having a website is.  It is to have others see the website and discover information, correct?  However, with the internet being home to more than 1.5 billion websites, it may seem impossible for anyone to even discover your website.  By following proper SEO guidelines, the odds of your website being seen increase.  This is even more important if your business relies heavily on acquiring customers via the internet.  Some of the SEO guidelines include website optimization, 

Basic SEO Practices

One of the basic SEO practices is website optimization.  This is done by ensuring your website follows/adheres to a few standard guidelines.  For example, having a blog’s/article’s keyword appear early in the text, and proper internal and external linking. Original titles and using optimized photos are also examples of how website optimization plays an important role in SEO. 

“My webhost offers great SEO tips and plugins- I don’t need to do any of the work myself”.

Believe us; we are the first to praise all technology for the benefits it offers us.  Depending on the WebHost you use, the resources and helpful plugins at your fingertips are amazing starting points.  This is especially true if you are new to using such technology.  

Many website builders show you the very basic, yet essential, things you should know in order to launch your website.  The rest will come with trial, and error, learning as you go, and at times, professional help.  However, time and effort need to be put into it!  Whether you invest the time yourself or entrust this to be done by professionals is up to you.


Having a website that is mobile-friendly wasn’t even a priority twenty years ago.  However, once the ball started rolling in terms of technological advancements, it was hard to stop it.  In 2022, cell phone purchases aren’t based solely on how good the service is.  People now take into consideration several other factors which may depend on their priorities. For example, how fast their network is, which app is best for video calls, etc.

In other words, ensuring your website can be viewed easily and quickly on a mobile device is extremely recommended.  This ties into a website’s overall user-friendliness.  Luckily, there are many free websites that can run tests on how mobile-friendly a website is.  Simply type in the desired URL and within a couple of minutes, the results will be ready.  The same applies to how fast a page loads on regular browsers. 

If a website’s speed is tested and the results are less than promising, it may be disheartening.  Although, it should be seen as a positive that the issue has been detected and can now be fixed!  As the saying goes, “It can only go up from here”.

At Your Service…

These are only a few of the factors that contribute to proper SEO practices. Understandably, staying on top of all of the recommended practices can be difficult.  If you need help when it comes to the use of SEO on your website, contact Twenty West Media.  We stay current on all news related to technology so you don’t have to.  We save you time, money, and stress by putting our knowledge into practice. In turn, you are left with the best website for your needs. 

We understand that businesses may have the same goals in mind. However, the method by which each company attempts to achieve them may differ.  No two businesses are the same, and we treat your website exactly the same way.  

Are you searching for someone to help design and build your website? Do you need help with supercharging your SEO? If so, call us today at (888) 316-6549 to book a free, no-strings-attached meeting with one of our professionals! The successful website you’ve been dreaming of will be yours before you know it.