The Importance of Content Marketing

The Importance of Content Marketing

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Content marketing is one of the most important elements of digital marketing because It allows you to drive your company message across to your audience. There are plenty of ways you can convey your message from social media content marketing, infographic content marketing, blog content, podcast content, video content and paid ad content. Depending on which type of business you’re running, one type of content could benefit you more than the others. I would recommend using 2 types of content and you can leverage one to the other for maximum growth. For example: doing a podcast and promoting it on your social media channels.  Let’s start by discussing the importance of content marketing.

    This type of marketing is the key to make your audience aware of what you offer. Having great content that would make people stop their scroll and want to click on your website can give you sales and a certain presence in your industry.  If your content is lackluster with little to no video content and no variety, it may be difficult to have an online presence.  It may take time to have the perfect content strategy, but in the end it could lead to more brand awareness, reach and most importantly sales. Now let’s discuss the various types of content you can use to grow your online presence starting with having a podcast.

    Podcasts have recently surged with the younger population. In 2020 a survey found that 12 to 32 year olds have listened to a podcast the past month and they listen to them 6 hours per week. Podcasts are not the most feasible option for businesses because of the time and energy involved, but if you can make it happen your audience is going to grow like you never imagined. There are many variables that you can also control to make them as effective as possible. For example: you can control how long they are, where you want to advertise them, who’s on them, etc. Having your voice heard on a topic could lead you into becoming an industry leader that your audience would want to be coming back for more.

    Infographics are another type of content that you should take a look at because they are a great way for people to stop their scroll with a striking statistic, etc. This type of content should be on the top of your list for content on social media to get the attention of your followers.  With infographics you can use short sentences, images and statistics to capture people’s attention.

    Blogs are a type of content you should incorporate to your content marketing strategy because of many factors that we will discuss. With blogs you have the luxury of writing your own thoughts on the latest topics of your industry. You’ll also have the chance to promote your content though all of your social media channels. Constantly writing them will lead your audience to a place where they could get the latest information about your industry. 

     This next type of content that I will be writing about is one that every business should try to use for their advertising efforts: it’s video marketing. With almost everyone using their smart phone in their daily lives and on social media there’s a strong probability people can see the content you post. There’s a study found by Wyzowl where 69% of consumers would rather learn about a brand through video. With your video content you could put it up on YouTube to increase your views and the reach of your brand.

    We can’t forget the most critical type of content which is:  social media content. There’s over a billion people who use Facebook alone and millions more on LinkedIn and Instagram. The reach you can have with these platforms is endless if you find a content marketing strategy that works for your business. There are also many options you can utilize to advertise your business. For example: photos, using live videos, pre-recorded videos and using stories. 

With all of these options stated above there are many ways to advertise your products or services to reach the masses.  The end goal with content marketing is to have content that will deliver a great online presence as well as deliver sales to your company.