The AI Chatbot: <br>A Must-Have for Business</br>

The AI Chatbot:
A Must-Have for Business

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A Must-Have for Business

Have you ever been surfing the web, and suddenly a message pops up? Maybe it’s asking if you’ve found everything you’re looking for on the site. Or, maybe you’re about to close a window, and it’s asking if you’re sure you meant to exit the page. Phew! You were about to leave the site without purchasing the items in your shopping cart! Messages like these are made possible thanks to an AI Chatbot.

Some website owners think that having an AI Chatbot will make any visitor to the site annoyed; as though they are being pushed too much to buy a product. Or, perhaps the questions the bot is asking are too personal.

While sites do need to be mindful, the truth is, every site would benefit from having an AI Chatbot as long as they are used properly. The following are the benefits of having one on your site, and why AI Chatbots are an essential business tool.

Lead Generation

If your site is not adequately set up for around-the-clock interaction, customers will simply look for another website that is. It’s truly as simple as that.

By 2024, Insider Intelligence predicts that consumers will spend about $142 billion via AI chatbots alone. This is an increase of over $139 billion in 5 years! While technology always seems to send us curveballs and surprises, it wouldn’t be wise to miss out on a chance at having that type of financial growth.

Perhaps the bot says a quick “Hello”, or it asks the customer if they need help finding something- that initial interaction may be the one reason the customer stays on the site. Even if it’s just to look at the homepage for a bit longer, it will help lower the website’s bounce rate and leave a longer-lasting impression.

Faster Customer Service, 24/7

Have you ever spent hours on hold waiting to speak to a representative of a company? Perhaps you wanted to file a complaint, ask a question about a bill you received, or change services. No matter the case, there has definitely been a moment in time when you’ve spent far too long trying to reach someone.

Now, picture the same scenario, but the person waiting is your customer. Do you want to lose clients? Or, would you like to show your customers that you care about them by offering a response instantly? Even if the final solution isn’t provided by the bot, there has at least been a form of interaction between the customer and the business.

This interaction may be the difference between an upset customer becoming too frustrated to wait, and keeping the customer happy long enough to retain their business. Feeling valued as a customer is what makes people continue to shop at certain stores. This also applies to why people visit the same websites!

Get To Know Your Customers

What seems easier?

A) Stopping to answer questions asked by an employee while you are shopping, (you’re annoyed since you’re already running late) or,

B) Shopping via a website and maybe interacting with a bot who initiated a conversation

If you selected B, then you have now joined the majority of the people visiting your site.

Businesses simply don’t have the manpower (or the time, or the money), to get the type of information from customers that they need in person. It’s incredibly important to create a relationship with your customers and get information from them, but at what cost? There is a very fine line between caring about your customer and caring about your customer only for your own personal gain. And, even worse, being obvious about it.

AI Chatbots do the “messy” work for you, while still giving shoppers the opportunity to opt out. Once you look over the data, you can see what is working for your business, and evaluate what isn’t. You want AI Chatbots to enhance your business, not ruin it!

These are just a few of the reasons AI Chatbots would benefit your website and in turn, your business.

Is your website missing an AI Chatbot? Contact Twenty West Media today to see if it’s right for you!

Have you used a chatbot on your site? Have you seen positive results from doing so? I’d love to hear about your experiences.