Recipe for Creating the Perfect Social Media Post

Recipe for Creating the Perfect Social Media Post

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Creating a perfect social media post that captures people’s attention is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Scrolling through your LinkedIn news feed or Facebook and reading posts of various companies looks to be quite easy, but there’s a technique on how companies make sure you stop their scroll and read their content. In this article, we’ll discuss the techniques to get the strongest social media post possible. Let’s start discussing each social media platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) and how they differ in how you should write your copy.

    With each of these platforms, we must think of our copy differently because each audience is unique. You can’t copy-paste your LinkedIn copy on Facebook and vice versa because each platform caters to a different audience. As we know, LinkedIn caters to professionals and the B2B market while Facebook caters to B2C consumers. With videos or graphics with statistics, there shouldn’t be a problem with having the same post on LinkedIn and Facebook. Let’s tackle a few ideas that you could write about in your copy. With Instagram and Facebook it’s almost free game on what type of copy you can post. They’re a lot more casual than LinkedIn.

     In terms of writing copy, there are a few topics you should take into consideration such as hashtags, emojis and how you structure your sentences for your catchphrase. Having the right hashtags are crucial to making sure your copy is being seen by your audience. You also need to make sure the hashtags have a decent number of people using them.  The hashtag #digitalmarketing will have a larger impact than using the hashtag #Digitalmarketing2021. We have to remember that it’s not the quantity of the hashtags, but the quality you use. Believe it or not, emojis do make a difference in your post/copy. Having emojis in your copy makes them stand out from the crowd and gives a distant look to your post. Keep in mind though, do not use too many. I would recommend 1-3 depending on your context. 

    One of the most important elements in creating copy is to make sure your sentence structure and grammar are perfect. Let’s go over some elements on why having great grammar can make all the difference in your copy. It shows professionalism to be able to write social media copy that is mistake-free. In terms of your content, make sure it’s clear and concise in what you want to convey to your audience. Try not to make it vague or difficult to read. A quick tip to make sure your copy is clear is to read it out loud or have a co-worker read it to give their opinion. It wouldn’t have the same effect if you read your copy in your head. You can also search Grammarly on Google to help improve your grammar. 

Another aspect you should highly consider is how you’re going to write your call to action. When using Facebook or LinkedIn ads, your call to action is crucial for your audience to act on what you want them to do. Making it short and to the point can make all the difference for people to act. If you don’t post a call to action, there’s a high probability they won’t click on your ad or contact your business. 

 With the combination of revising your grammar, having a strong CTA and all the tips mentioned above, you’re bound to have the copy that will make people stop their scroll.