How to Tackle LinkedIn Marketing for your Business

How to Tackle LinkedIn Marketing for your Business

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LinkedIn, as we know, is the powerhouse of B2B marketing, but it is how you use all the tools that it offers that will help grow your company’s LinkedIn page. During the past few years, the social media platform has had several updates to be more user-friendly. The idea with LinkedIn is that you want to be known as a thought leader in your field. For example, if you’re in the digital marketing field you can post about the newest trends coming to LinkedIn in 2022. When your audience sees you as a place to gather information about your industry, there is a high probability you will gain more followers. Regarding ads, they bring another dimension to making sure your content is reaching the right audience. Let’s start by going over which type of content you should post and not post on the platform.

The content you should be posting for your business should mostly be rich media (content that you took yourself, for example, video, pictures, etc.). You’ll reach a larger audience if it’s your own content rather than of a stock image. It may take more time than posting an image, but writing blogs for your website and posting them can lead to more clicks. This can also significantly help your click-through rate on your website, which could lead to more sales. A tip to get your content shown to a larger audience is to ask your co-workers to interact with your content (like, share, comment). This would show LinkedIn that it’s a popular post and increase your posts’ algorithm ranking. In terms of what not to post on LinkedIn, I would stand clear of selling posts because they can hurt your brand. It could be tempting to write a sales post knowing LinkedIn is a B2B social media platform, but remember it’s a platform for you to be a thought leader. When people are thinking about your industry, you should make your company page the number # 1 source to go to. I noticed if you put a job opening on your company page the applicants will automatically become followers.  Let’s move on to how to target your audience with LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn costs more than Instagram and Facebook for you to deliver your ads. We must understand with LinkedIn, the audience is most likely to engage with your company ads because their mindset is interacting with a business. When we go on Facebook, for example, there is more diverse content, such as comedic videos, chatting with our friends, etc. In terms of ad types, I would start with follower ads to get a solid number of people following your page. Then I would think about using the other ad options like lead generation ads and brand awareness. This is because it’s a good idea to create a following to give some credibility to your LinkedIn page.  If handled to their full potential, LinkedIn ads could reach around 13% of the world population. This could be a crucial step in your digital marketing strategy. Another eye-opening statistic that you should know is that ad exposure on LinkedIn can increase purchase intent by 33%.

Working with any social media platform in marketing, it’s not a race; it’s a marathon to get it where you want it to be. If you’re starting your LinkedIn page from scratch, you might feel like it will take many months to get the followers and the engagement you want, but give it time. It’s going to be a crucial tool for your business in the long run.

By Alex Gagne