How to increase your website traffic fast

How to increase your website traffic fast

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Blogs are crucial for most websites because of all the traffic it attracts and a higher probability that people will stay longer than usual. In addition, there are many positives to why you should be focusing on weekly blogs, which we’ll go over in greater detail below. If you think about it, the power that one blog has on your website is quite exciting. It has plenty of potential on your social media platforms and your website’s visibility.

The first reason you should write multiple blogs per month is to increase the amount of your website traffic. If your company is on multiple social media platforms, you can post them on each one so it would bring more views to your blog. Keep in mind this is especially effective if you have a large following on your platforms, thus bringing a lot of traffic to your website. Blogs can also lead to more sales down the road because if a potential client reads several of your blogs, it could pique their interest in the topics you cover and they might want to discuss your services.

Do you feel like you’re constantly looking for ideas for social media content? We sometimes feel that way. There are multiple ways you can get around this issue. You can repurpose your content and by that, we mean using the information from your blog in different means of communication. For example, you could create social media posts with a graphic showing an eye-opening statistic that you discussed in your blog. You can also make videos on topics that you could discuss more freely and openly with your audience. You can even start a podcast and talk about your blog in more detail with another co-worker. Podcasting has become quite popular, with almost 60% of Americans who are 12 and older listening to them.

Creating blogs lets people know that you are a thought leader for your particular industry. Your audience would see your wealth of knowledge and may come back to your website to see which topics you’ll cover next. When creating your blogs, you should think of ideas that could be pain points that your audience may have and address them through your articles.

Let’s start with some statistics on why you should write blogs more frequently. An online survey by “Social Media Writing” found that 68.5% of people saw a site as more credible when it included blogs. This shows the importance of having blogs on your website and their impact on your audience. Another source from “Content Marketing Institute” found that 74% of customers enjoy reading articles more than seeing ads on their social media pages. It may seem like a lot of time writing a blog every week or so, but the results show they’ll give you much more web traffic and potentially increased sales down the road.

One of the most important aspects of blogs is using SEO to help your website gain more visibility. If you’re familiar with SEO and its capabilities, you should highly consider putting your blogs on Google and try to get them as high as possible in your Google search ranking. This would lead to more people seeing your blog and thus more people browsing your website. Using multiple images in your blogs will help your blog be more enticing since it brings another way for your audience to find you. (Image optimization is key to making your viewership go up in your blogs.) What we do and what you can do also is link a few keywords from your blog to your website. This is another way for people to see the content that’s on your website. As we see, there are plenty of positives to take away from writing blogs for your website, from building brand awareness, to people staying on your website and helping you brainstorm social media content.