How Should You Analyze Facebook Ads?

How Should You Analyze Facebook Ads?

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Starting your road into Facebook ads and analyzing them is quite the feat for beginners. I will go through ways to explain which metrics you should use. The first step is to focus on your reach and impressions to understand how many people see your ad. Keep in mind that reach is the estimated number of people who viewed your ad. While impressions are the number of times your ad is displayed. Other valuable metrics you should keep a close eye on are the engagement metrics (reactions, shares, likes, comments).  Let’s go over some metrics and when would be a good time to use them. If you’re looking to increase leads or have more conversions, you should be looking at your clicks, such as the CPC (cost per click). You should always aim for a low number. The average CPC for Facebook is 0.9%. This metric is one of the most important because it shows how great your ad quality is. The conversion rate is another crucial metric because it shows if your audience took that certain action you hope they accomplished.

Let’s go through why it’s essential to track all these metrics. First, you would be able to understand the journey that people take inside your Facebook ad. You’ll also be able to improve your return on investment and have a general view of how your targeted audience is responding to your ad. Looking at all the Facebook ads and metrics might seem overwhelming, especially when you need to explain them to a client, but over time you’ll be more comfortable understanding each metric.

On Facebook Ads Manager, you can choose which metrics you want to use for your campaigns.

Step 1: Go to custom columns and choose your metrics.

Step 2: Name the preset.

Step: 3. Click “save “to have it on hand when you want to use the same metrics in the future.

Here I’ll discuss a couple of troubleshooting issues you may encounter, including ways to correct them. First, if you notice a low number of impressions, this may be because your targeting is too narrow and you’re not reaching enough people. If you have a low click-through rate, your creative isn’t captivating enough for your audience. You may need to change your copy and creative to make it more appealing. Another metric to pay close attention to is your frequency metric. If you notice that it’s going higher than 2, your ad is struggling from ad fatigue. Ad fatigue occurs when your audience is seeing the same ad repeatedly. In this case, you’ll need to make a few adjustments. For example, run shorter campaigns, look at your ad variations and other variables that may have impacted your high frequency.  It will take some time to be comfortable speaking to clients regarding what they need to improve for their Facebook ads, but as the expression goes, practice makes perfect