How many of my Facebook followers see my posts?

How many of my Facebook followers see my posts?

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By Pete Michaud – Twenty West

If you’re using Facebook for business, it’s important to understand that organic posts have limited reach. Facebook’s algorithm only shows your content to a small percentage of your total followers, typically around 10% or less. So, if you have 1,000 likes on your Facebook page, it’s likely that only 100 people will see each of your organic posts. This can be frustrating for businesses looking to reach a larger audience, but there are ways to increase your reach.

One option is to use sponsored ads. Sponsored ads allow you to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviours, and can help you reach a larger audience than organic posts alone. With sponsored ads, you can set a budget and choose how much you want to spend per day, making it a cost-effective way to advertise your business.

However, it’s important to note that sponsored ads should be used in conjunction with organic posts, not as a replacement. Organic posts are still an important part of building a loyal following and engaging with your audience. In fact, using a combination of organic posts and sponsored ads can help increase engagement and reach.

Another important factor to consider is the frequency of your posts. Overposting can lead to lower engagement and a decrease in reach. It’s important to find a balance and post consistently, but not so frequently that you overwhelm your audience. Posting once or twice a week is generally considered a good frequency for most businesses.

If you’re looking to maximize your Facebook presence, consider working with an experienced agency. A proven agency can help you develop a social media strategy that includes a mix of organic posts and sponsored ads, and can help you track your metrics to determine what’s working and what’s not. They can also help you create high-quality content that engages your audience and builds your brand.

While Facebook’s algorithm limits the reach of organic posts, there are ways to increase your audience. Using sponsored ads, posting consistently, and working with an experienced agency can all help you reach a larger audience, build a loyal following increase traffic and sales. So, don’t give up on organic posts, but consider supplementing them with sponsored ads to maximize your Facebook presence.