Diving into Marketing Advertising.

Diving into Marketing Advertising.

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Facebook is by the far the most popular social media platform with 2.7 billion users and it’s increasing every day. All digital marketers should be using this platform to attract visibility and reach to their clients. It is also the cheapest social media platform in terms of putting money into your budget for your ads while LinkedIn is the most expensive. It’s also the most robust social media platform in terms of targeting your audience thus making it simpler for you to target them. Let’s dive into what you should know to make the most effective Facebook ad. 

As you might notice, when you’re scrolling on your Facebook news feed, you’re waiting for something to catch your attention. A few tips to get people to stop and read your ad is to make sure it’s always clear and to the point. Try to design a picture that would be visually appealing or a video and that looks captivating. Now let’s discuss carousel ads; they are an ad type you should consider using because of its capability of adding multiple pictures for the same price. Your audience would be able to scroll through your pictures. This is effective if you want to show before and after photos. Also, make sure your ads have a clear call to action, whether it’s for visiting your website or calling your company’s phone number. 

Remarketing ads is a type of ad that you should highly consider because this could be a home run for people viewing your ad. This type of advertisement is an ad that focuses on targeting people who already interacted with your Facebook page or visited your website. This is a tool that would give your audience a second chance to follow your company page and interact with your ad. 

The 3 Ad Options You Have to Start With… 

Awareness- Awareness is based on reach and advertising your business to new customers. This ad type is a great option if you have a brand-new product that you want to show or you’re an owner of a start-up and you want to explain to your audience what you offer.

Consideration- Consideration ad option is what the name suggests, making an ad that people will consider doing business with you. For this ad type, you can form an ad that’s based on visiting your website to show potential clients what you offer.  

Conversion- Conversions are simply the final action you want your consumers to do to become a customer. For example: you can structure your ad so that your main objective is for people to sign up for your newsletter.    

The #1 choice of content you should go with your ads is video content. It may cost more than a standard photo with a copy ad, but you’ll get more eyes on your content. With video ads, you can show your product or have one of your employees speak about your services. Facebook changed its algorithm, and all signs point that video is the way to go for LinkedIn to get the most amount of reach. 

Now let’s dive into another ad option that you may want to use: Lookalike Audiences. This option allows you to target people based on your current customers. For example: lookalike audiences will target people who engaged with your ads. When you write your Facebook ad copy, you have to keep it “simple stupid”. By that I mean a 5th grader can understand. Writing grammar that is too advanced will make your potential customer just scroll by. If you’re not sure your copy is the right fit with your image, you can alter your copy and see which ad is the most effective. For example: writing your copy as a question or a statement and see which type gives you the most engagement. 

The basics of Facebook advertising are about having a clear concise message in your ads and making sure your content (video or pictures) is captivating enough so that potential customers will stop their scroll. Also, being that the budget on Facebook ads is not expensive, we have the luxury of doing a trial and error to make the best ad possible.