Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

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Email marketing started before the wave of social media marketing. Therefore, there’s a higher chance of people using it, leading to more people being your potential client. Email marketing might not seem like the most exciting marketing strategy, but it’s arguably the one that gives you the most return on your investment. An interesting element about this type of marketing is that it’s quite easy to see what conversion your audience did or didn’t take. Also, it’s much easier to target your audience directly with campaigns such as boxing day sales during the holiday seasons. The features I mentioned above and a few extras I’ll mention are why email marketing should be on top of your list to help promote and grow the presence of your business.

This type of marketing quality beats frequency (every time). Having the right structured message and tone will lead to more people clicking on your email rather than sending many low-quality emails to your audience. Keep in mind, if you send too many emails to your email list, there’s a greater chance of your audience marking your emails as spam or, even worse, unsubscribing to your emails. I would start slowly and see how many people in your email list respond to the frequency of your emails.

One element of email marketing that always brings significant benefits to your company are the holidays seasons. With this type of marketing, you can build specific campaigns that you want your audience to know about—for example, adding photos of televisions that you’ll have on sale during “boxing day week” sales. A luxury with email marketing is that you can change your preference centers to include a check box that asks your subscribers if they want to opt in to receive your holiday emails. This lets you know which audience members want to see your holidays emails and most likely lead to conversions.

Another critical element that you should focus on with email marketing is optimizing your emails for mobile devices. A few tips that you should be aware of is to make sure all your relevant text can be read on a single screen. This would allow your audience to know the exact message you want them to retain without having them scroll down. Your email and landing page should be able to load quickly for your audience to know you consistently deliver top quality content. Did you know that 70% of emails are opened on mobile devices? Since your call to action is most likely going to lead back to your website, it’s crucial to have the smoothest experience between email and your website.

It’s important to get new customers with email marketing, but don’t forget to always engage with the customers you have. I would always try to send out the same type of content they engaged with in the past. You could benefit by using A/B testing to see which emails are getting the most conversions.

Your subject line will usually make or break your email (in terms of people clicking on your email). The key with subject lines is that they are the first element of your email marketing campaign that your audience sees, so they’ll have to be as captivating as possible. Try to use short subject lines that are to the point and have a cliffhanger to increase the probability of your audience clicking on them. A few other tips regarding shortening your subject line is to use numbers, symbols or emojis.

What it comes down to with email marketing is to have a concise subject line, be mobile friendly and always remember quality beats quantity.