Twenty West’s Mysterious New Home in the Metaverse

Twenty West’s Mysterious New Home in the Metaverse

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NFTs have become a hot topic of conversation among industry leaders and citizens alike.  Whether you are deeply invested in technology, or you merely stay up to date on technological advancements, odds are, you already know all about them, like metaverse.  Just in case you haven’t heard anything more about them other than their name, NFT stands for non-fungible token.  The most basic way to explain non-fungible tokens is that they are digital assets.  They are a way of linking ownership to physical or digital items.  From music and videos to art and now even Starbucks, NFTs are becoming the must-have investments of the 21st century.


Another form of NFTs that is becoming more popular is luxury real estate property such as Metabay.  In what has been compared to MMPORGs like The Sims, and more recently, Second Life, you can own your property and live the Metabay lifestyle.

Customize Your Property

With Metabay, you can do more than just visit your house in 3D.  You can customize its appearance, too.  Become the interior designer for your luxury property and choose how to decorate your space.  From the furniture to even portraits, you can make it all possible thanks to the metaverse. Buying a home is a goal many people hope to achieve.  Let’s be honest though- it’s an expensive investment!  For some, even with the housing market prices falling, it’s a dream still just a bit too far out of reach.  By having a property with Metaplaces, you can have the homeownership experience in a different way.

Host a Get-Together!

Due to COVID-19, life has changed quite a bit in more ways than one.  If nothing else, it made us all highly aware of how much human interaction (in this case, lack thereof) can have its repercussions.   

We’ve all had to adjust and make do with what we have available to us.  E-mails, video chats, and even simple texts to say hello- have all helped us get through these times.  While nothing can replace face-to-face interactions, we’re lucky to live in an age where we don’t have to rely on “snail” mail.  If you have been unable to find the right way to interact with others thus far, the metaverse may be an option you should look into!  You can even invite friends over for cinema and disco parties.  All you have to do is simply link your Metabay to your Metaplaces world land to see what is now possible.  If this all sounds a bit too overwhelming, it’s completely understandable.  Seeing as the metaverse is still quite a new concept in practice, it may take some time for it to build traction.

You’ll Already Have a Friend

If you decide to explore the metaverse for yourself, you won’t be alone.  Twenty West has also entered the metaverse!  Now that they have their own newly-purchased piece of land, Twenty West invites you to visit their unique virtual home in the metaverse!  You can take a walk around to take a look, explore, and also feel at home in their space.  

The team is excited to explore this new venture and will keep everyone updated on the latest metaverse news.  If you’d like to follow along on the adventures, you can find Twenty West on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and of course on their official website.  

Do you have any experience with the metaverse?  What are your thoughts so far?  We’d love to hear all about it!